What Every Musician Must Have on Their Websites

Technology has changed how people relate, communicate, and do basic things in their life. Even the way people listen to music has been greatly influenced by this digital age. It explains why most people run to their electronic devices whenever they want to find new music or listen to their favourite songs or performances. Every musician who wants to be discovered must, therefore have a heavy digital presence. Having a website is a must, especially for musicians who also want to get bookings and make money from their work. The website should be functional and accessible through mobile devices. Some of the things that musicians must have on their websites are as follows.

About Us Page

When people visit a musician’s page, they want to know what they are all about. The website should have an about us page that explains the kind of music they do, the things that motivate them, the future plans, and what the website hopes to achieve. It does not have to be something long. It should basically be a brief introduction to what people should expect from the musician.

Portfolio/ Sample of Work

If you are a musician, you must have some samples of your work on the website. Learn the basics of making a professional music portfolio that people can listen to and sample some of your work. Put only the best, and what you feel will showcase your greatest talents and increase your fan base. You should change your portfolio regularly to represent the latest addition to your work. Your portfolio is what people will use to judge and decide if it is worth working with you.

Contact Details

After people have spent time on the website and understood the kind of music, the next step is likely to reach out to you if they liked your work. You should have proper contact details where they can find you. You should also have links to your social media channels so that people who were directed to your site through a social media platform can also reach you. Every musician should make it a habit to respond to messages as soon as they get them to win the trust of fans.

Future Projects

Musicians who have scheduled performances or are about to release new music should have that information on their website. They should also give details on how to book to attend shows and events so that interested people have an easy time. They can also use the website to promote other musicians whose work they enjoy or come up with a partnership or collaboration.

It helps to work with an experienced and professional website developer and designer. They will guide in choosing the right template for music websites, and marketing tools that will drive traffic to the websites.

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