Punk and the story behind it

To find the origin of the sub culture “Punk” he have to take a look back at about 1975 in both the UK, USA and Australia. It’s an ongoing debate on who/what and where punk was created and all involved would love to take full credit for it. But as we see it today, we can’t know for sure where it all actually began.

Punk is a sub culture that started with a strong hate towards anything that was remotely commercially. The culture did not approve of the music, the hairstyles and the way clothes looked. As a result of this hatred towards big companies, the people of the Punk culture decided to create everything yourself, Punk was inspired by the “DIY“-spirit, as in Do It Yourself.

The name “Punk” was based on a slang word that was normally usedto something that was completely useless. During the years the ones who follow the punk culture are often labled as “rebels” since punks didn’t want to apply to the rules.

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Since punks didn’t want to follow the rules, they started to wear lots of clothes and have lots of hairstyles that no one else had. During the 1990’s it was very common in the punk community to dye their hair in really bright and “odd” colors.

To break the rules and not to be like anybody else was the mantra of their culture.

During the years there’s been lots of sub-genres that found inspiration from punk music. Today we have lots of genres that bases on Punk music, such as:
Punk revival

Every kind of punk might sound very different from another since that’s what punk is all about, being yourself and not caring about what anybody thinks of you.

In the United States they say that The Ramones (New York) were the very first punk band in the states. With their super fast and “easy” music they took the states by storm and grew bigger and bigger.

Their first song turned out to be a smash hit. Blitzkrieg Bop is still being played all over the world and there’s no signs of the song to fade away in to the old days. When you hear it it’s quite hard to imagine that it was released back in 1976.