Getting Media to Cover Your Musical Event

Appearing on newspaper, TV, or getting a slot at a radio station can propel your music career especially when you are just getting started. Media has a way of amplifying your visibility and giving you credibility, which is what you need when embarking on a career as a professional musician. The good news is that most media houses have dedicated reporters who cover entertainment. The not so good news is that there are so many musicians starting out that it is not possible for the media to cover everyone.

Approaching the Reporters

The first step is to know reporters who cover music in different newsrooms. Send them personal emails to pitch why you think you need coverage. You can also use their social media handles, especially Twitter and Facebook, as most renowned journalists have verified accounts. You should introduce yourself and give them a sample of your music. Tell them why you want coverage, and why you chose them. Be direct and brief.

Make it Newsworthy

The only reason a journalist will come to cover your event if it is newsworthy. Tell them why the event is important. Maybe you are hosting it to give young upcoming musicians courage, perhaps it is to champion a cause. It could also be that the news is the people who will attend it. Do you have a prominent personality attending? Those are some of the reasons a journalist could consider.

Send a Comprehensive Official Invite

A day before the event, you should send them an invite that speaks about the music event and its relevance. The location, time, date and a glimpse of people who will be attending should also be indicated in the invite. Make sure you have taken photos of the event. There are times when a journalist is not able to physically attend an event but can consider doing a feature about it at a later time.

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