Electronic Dance Music Scene

The electronic dance music scene has been growing for the past few years. It, therefore, is fitting that the artists, producers and everyone else involved in the creation of this music gets fated. In 2017, the first ever electronic music awards were held. In the awards, there were 11 awards, divided between the producers and performers who make this genre of music. The awards aim to cut across the board as they go forward in the future to include both mainstream and underground artists. This is a departure from the norm of other music award shows where just the mainstream and famous artistes get feted. In addition, the inclusion of the producers who bring the music to life is a good touch in and of itself.

Some Of The Gig Names Feted

In the September 2017 edition of the awards, several mainstream artists, several underground artists as well as producers received awards not only for their creations but also for the parts they continue to play in the growth of this music genre. the biggest and brightest names in the dance music scene were in attendance with names such as Rufus du sol, Bonobo and Eric Prydz among those read out from the winners’ cards. Bonobo took home the award for album of the year with Rufus Du Sol taking home the award for the record of the year. Other notable winners include Major Lazer who took home the award for the single of the year which featured Justin Bieber. For remix of the year, Flume majestically walked to the stage to receive the award for the single Say It with EDC taking the award for the festival of the year.

The Best Music Tech On Display

A dance music award cannot be complete without a mention of the machines, sounds and software used in the creation of the music. DJs thrilled the attending crowd with bumping jams with Bonobo getting a chance to perform some of their best-known singles on stage. Of course, other acts were featured beyond the two mentioned. It can be argued that they took inspiration from propellerheads.se as some of the sounds heard on the night can be created from software found on the website. Propellerheads is a premier website for all software and hardware for music enthusiasts. This blends really well with the Electronic dance music lovers because the software and hardware can create all manner of electronic dance music and sounds. Every producer worth their salt would do well to visit the website for new inspiration, sounds and breakthroughs.